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Today, the Palace of Shirvan Shahs conducted a seminar on "hearth Dede Korkut-Bayburt," "cultural relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey." The seminar was held in the framework of cultural - events dedicated to the 21 anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan by the organizers - Scientific Educational and Cultural Mug Bayburt Turkey and the Public Association of Assistance to Cultural Heritage MİRAS. Office of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher" has been a great support to the seminar. The workshops were a member of the correspondence, Professor Veli Aliyev, head of the archaeological expedition Aghsu, Professor Dzhabiev Ghafar, a member of the Scientific Division of the Office of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher", Professor Kamil Ibragimov. The seminar was vyslusheny reports by the Chairman NOKKB Turkey Mete Emir "Common Turkic father Gorgud and Bayburt," head of Tourism and Culture Bayburt IL Adnan Okumuş "Bayburt-Turkish fortress city of tourism and tourist potentials," and "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Turkish- Azerbaijani relations, "the Chief Secretary of Trade and Industry Bayburt Gokhan Onder Karaogly. During the event, to demonstrate the exhibition consisting of works by famous Turkish painters photographers Zeynal Abidine Ozturk and Feridun Gadzhigasanzade. Then he presented a concert band members municipality Bayburt, Turkish musicians Murat Turkoglu, Artugrul Bayhan, Emre and Chikotun band NOKKB. At the concert music groups performed the Office of the State Reserve "Isherisheher." Please be informed that this spring, a delegation of the Public Association of Assistance to Cultural Heritage MİRAS also took part in the XVIII International Festival Dede Gorgud Held in Bayburt.















The complex of Shirvanshahs palace
    The Ensemble of Shirvanshahs' Palace built in the XV century, is one of the pearls of Azerbaijanian architecture. The construction of the palace are situated on the highest point of one of the hills of «Icheri Sheher» - Baku fortress. Being picturesquely spread over three terrace - yards towered above each other the ensemble is seen from the sea and heights surrounding the city. The buildings crowned with cupolas with the well-proportioned portals and minaret, irreproachably made details, inimitable kind of fine and deep carving of ornaments and inscriptions, splendid masonry have come down to us in all their beauty.
    The ensemble contains dwelling - house, «Divanxane», Shirvanshahs' tomb Palace mosque with a minaret, bath-house, SeyidYahyaBakuvies Mausoleum, Eastern portal.
    Divankhane was the place for official receptions and state meetings. Rotunda of Divankhane is crowned with the cutstone cupola with pointed arch surrounded by the same arcade of closed yard. A high, well - proportioned portal of the main entrance is decorated with ornaments and inscriptions of unusual polish and beauty.
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