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The maiden tower
      The most majestic and mysterious monument of Baku is Gyz Galasy - the Maiden Tower rising in the south-eastern part of the fortress of Ichari Shahar. The tower was built on the ledge of the coastal rock and consists of a cylinder 29.5 m in height and 16,5 m in diameter which was inlaid with local grey limestone. The thickness of the walls at the foundation is 5 metres, and in the upper part 4 metres. On the eastern side a projection, the purpose of which is still unknown joins the tower. The internal space of the tower is divided into 8 tiers. Each of the eight tiers of the tower is covered with a stone cupola with a round opening. The light penetrated inside through the narrow window openings of a loop-hole type, widening inwards. Bays are constructed in the same thickness with the walls, inside them are laid a pottery pipe 30cm in diameter.
      From the outside of the tower in the southern-western side laid the plate with the inscription. The Cufi inscription, engraved on the plate reads “gubbe (the cupola, vault) of Masud Ibn Davud”. But this plate definitely appeared in the tower later, as it is accidentally and inaccurately fit to the masonry, not above the main entrance, but somewhere by the side, at a height of 14 m from the ground. Most likely it is a tombstone which was placed in the dent done up in the tower during the repairs.
      The tower was restored in the 1960s. Since 2000 “The Shirvanshahs Palace” and “The Maiden Tower” have been included in the UNESCO list of the monuments.
      The Palace is open to all visitors daily from 11.00 to 18.00, except Monday.









The complex of Shirvanshahs palace
    The Ensemble of Shirvanshahs' Palace built in the XV century, is one of the pearls of Azerbaijanian architecture. The construction of the palace are situated on the highest point of one of the hills of «Icheri Sheher» - Baku fortress. Being picturesquely spread over three terrace - yards towered above each other the ensemble is seen from the sea and heights surrounding the city. The buildings crowned with cupolas with the well-proportioned portals and minaret, irreproachably made details, inimitable kind of fine and deep carving of ornaments and inscriptions, splendid masonry have come down to us in all their beauty.
    The ensemble contains dwelling - house, «Divanxane», Shirvanshahs' tomb Palace mosque with a minaret, bath-house, SeyidYahyaBakuvies Mausoleum, Eastern portal.
    Divankhane was the place for official receptions and state meetings. Rotunda of Divankhane is crowned with the cutstone cupola with pointed arch surrounded by the same arcade of closed yard. A high, well - proportioned portal of the main entrance is decorated with ornaments and inscriptions of unusual polish and beauty.
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