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The Palace mosque
      The Palace Mosque is situated in the lower court of the complex. There are 2 chapels for prayers in the mosque: a hall of a large size for men and a hall of a small size for women.
      Four big clay jugs with their narrow necks turned into the hall are walled in the upper corners of the central hall of the mosque. On the one hand, this gives an excellent resonance, for the jugs serve as an original microphone; on the other hand it is a constructive-engineering anti-seismic method, giving a big steadiness to the building lowering the centre of gravity by lightening the upper part.
      In the butt-end of the southern wall of the central hall of the mosque there is a modestly decorated mehrab with a shallow bay covered with a lancet semi-cupola. There are bays of different shapes and designations in the mosque. They served as the storehouse of the prayer carpets, lamps, the books of the holy Koran and beads.
      There is an inscription laid under the stalactite belt of the minaret which reads, “The greatest Soltan Khalil-Ullah I ordered to build this minaret. May God exalt the days of his governing and reign. The year of 845” (1441).
      In 2006 it has been carried out restoration works.






The complex of Shirvanshahs palace
    The Ensemble of Shirvanshahs' Palace built in the XV century, is one of the pearls of Azerbaijanian architecture. The construction of the palace are situated on the highest point of one of the hills of «Icheri Sheher» - Baku fortress. Being picturesquely spread over three terrace - yards towered above each other the ensemble is seen from the sea and heights surrounding the city. The buildings crowned with cupolas with the well-proportioned portals and minaret, irreproachably made details, inimitable kind of fine and deep carving of ornaments and inscriptions, splendid masonry have come down to us in all their beauty.
    The ensemble contains dwelling - house, «Divanxane», Shirvanshahs' tomb Palace mosque with a minaret, bath-house, SeyidYahyaBakuvies Mausoleum, Eastern portal.
    Divankhane was the place for official receptions and state meetings. Rotunda of Divankhane is crowned with the cutstone cupola with pointed arch surrounded by the same arcade of closed yard. A high, well - proportioned portal of the main entrance is decorated with ornaments and inscriptions of unusual polish and beauty.
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